What are you avoiding? (We’re all avoiding something)

I've been in full leadership programme/coaching mode of late with a two day in-house programme for senior leaders in a large corporate, my new Lead with Confidence virtual coaching group, a webinar series on performance/feedback conversations in the hybrid world, a sprinkling of new coaching clients and a team event (first one face to face in two years – Yay!).

Whatever the programme, whatever the topic, what do so many of us have in common?

​Not enough time.

The hard truth is we all CHOOSE how to spend our time. And it's easy to put those 'difficult' tasks on the back burner.

It's much easier to tick off the to-do list because it gives us that immediate 'hit' of satisfaction. But the to-do list might not be focusing on the things that truly move the dial.

I learned long ago that the only way to get round to the 'difficult' tasks was to recognise what I was struggling with (fear of getting it wrong? Fear of humiliation? Not having a clue where to start?). To own it (it's fine not to have all the answers) and to be able to ask for help if I needed it from a trusted friend, coach, colleague and then to block out the time to focus on getting it done one step at a time.

Avoiding something doesn't mean it goes away.

So if there's something you know you're avoiding here's what I suggest:

✅ Block some time to think about the issue (diary it in or it won't happen). You might want to make notes, do a mind-map or even a drawing. Personally I find moving away from my desk and going for a walk helps the thinking process but a move to another space in your house or office can be helpful.

✅ Ask a trusted colleague or friend or post a question in my Facebook group if you’re a member (we always get wonderful responses to our questions because of the diverse experience and background of our members).

✅ Make a plan, mapping out your steps.

✅ Commit to taking your first step next week. If you commit publicly, even better - it really focuses the mind!

Remember, action leads to confidence not the other way round.

You got this! 💗


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