10 Simple and Actionable Strategies to Beat ‘Overwhelm’ in 20 Minutes a Day.

~ Ten first steps for busy leaders and managers ~

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Step One – What to do NOW so you’ll hit the ground running.

Step Five – How to find an extra 7 hours a month in your working week (clue: it’s easy!)

Step Six - Five simple phrases you can use to delegate ANYTHING to ANYONE.

Step Ten – How to identify the ‘mindset stuff’ that is keeping you overwhelmed.


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Hi! I'm Lynn.

I founded The Effortless Leader Revolution in 2017 to help managers and leaders like you be MORE successful WITHOUT working harder.

My own (challenging!) experience as a senior leader and the 20 years I’ve spent coaching leaders and teams has taught me that Simple (not simplistic) is Powerful. And Simple gets done.

This means practical, bite-sized ‘real-world’ tips and ideas when you need them most. Things you can APPLY today, tomorrow or next week.

The best place to make a start is with my cheat sheet Beat ‘Overwhelm’ in 20 minutes a day - Ten first steps for busy leaders

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